LG Dishwasher

Some of the Best Dishwasher Models

There are a number of things to like about the LG Dishwasher line. They are extremely powerful, very quiet, energy efficient and with models ranging in price from $500-$1,100, most likely well within most budgets.

You'll also be surprised at how stylish these models look for such a great price. Read on to find out if an LG is the best dishwasher for you.

LG Dishwasher: Unique Features

LG Dishwashers have a number of unique features that make them truly stand apart.

  1. LG Fully-Integrated Dishwashers: These models feature controls that are hidden on the top of the door giving you a sleek, classy look that will help your unit blend into the styling of your kitchen.

  2. Intuitive Controls: LG is known for its Intuitive Controls that help to give you accuracy and efficiency in each wash load. And with easy-to-read digital displays, you can check the status of your wash.

  3. Quiet Operation: LG models feature one of the most quiet operation modes available. You can easily talk on the phone or have a quiet conversation right in front of the unit while it's running.

  4. Large Capacity Stainless Steel Tubs: The majority of the LG models have Large Capacity Tubs allowing you to fit up to 16 place-settings in one load. This is not only convenient, but extremely energy efficient. More capacity=less water=more savings.

    Also, because the interior tubs are stainless steel, they are more durable and will provide you years of trouble-free service.

  5. Color Choices: Unlike a lot of other dishwasher lines, LG models come in white, stainless steel and black. With many other dishwasher brands, you only have a choice of Stainless or custom panels.

  6. Modern Design: LG models are sleek in design. With durable metal handles and well appointed front panels, these units are a great addition into any existing kitchen decor.

  7. Adjustable Interior Dish Racks: The interior dish racks give you lots of flexibility. With removable tines, you can make a few simple adjustments and turn your top dish rack from a glassware rack to one that will clean a large casserole dish.

    Additionally, you can raise or lower the upper rack to give you room on the bottom rack for larger pieces.

LG Steam Dishwasher

The LG SteamDishwasherâ„¢ allows for thorough cleaning of baked on foods. But even more impressive than that is that is uses less water than other power scrub methods. Through heat and steam, your toughest baked on foods come off easily in these higher end dishwasher models.

With the gentle power of steam you also don't have to worry about damaging some of your more valuable cookware. Steam jets break away baked on, caked on foods with ease.

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