Kenmore Dishwasher

Kenmore Appliances That Offer Efficiency You Need at a Price You Want

The Kenmore Dishwasher models range in cost from as low as $300 to as high as $1200. There is a huge difference in both the number of features you get with the lower end models as well as the quality of clean you get from the higher end models.

Depending on your particular needs, this will help you determine which Kenmore Dishwasher might be right for you.

Keep in mind that Kenmore is a Sears Exclusive brand and is not available at any other retailer besides Sears and now K-Mart (since the two merged back in 2006).

Kenmore Dishwasher Types

Kenmore offers up models in three different categories. They are:

  1. Built In Dishwasher: These are your standard dishwashers that are counter height and the mechanics and plumbing are hidden in the back. Kenmore has more than THREE DOZEN current built-in dishwasher models available.

  2. Portable Dishwashers: If you don't have the counter space for a built-in dishwasher, than a portable dishwasher might be just what you need. Kenmore has just one portable dishwasher model available, but it's large enough and attractive enough to hopefully fit the bill.

  3. Drawer Dishwashers: Kenmore also offers up a half-dozen models of 'drawer style' dishwashers which allow you to run two different cleaning cycles at the same time. These are often more energy efficient as you can run smaller loads more often.

Kenmore Unique Features

Kenmore has a number of unique features that set this Sears only brand apart from the competitors. Here are just a few:

  • SMARTWASH Cycle: The SmartWash Cycle cycle determines the right amount of time, water and energy needed to get the best cleaning results while using fewer resources (water, energy, etc.).

  • TALL TUB Design: Although most manufacturers have gotten on board with a tall interior tub, Kenmore has found a way to make their tub interiors as generous as they come allowing you to wash more less often.

  • TURBO ZONE Jet System: The TurboZoneā„¢ rotating spray jets provide a concentrated wash to those dishes that are placed in the back of the rack. This eliminates the need to pre-soak dishware prior to loading them into the machine.

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