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Hotpoint Appliances For Your Home

The Hotpoint Dishwasher models are manufactured by GE. Hotpoint itself was formed in 1911 in the United Kingdom. They are best known for their Hotpoint refrigerators and washing machines. The company produces the largest amount of kitchen appliances in the UK.

In 1920, Hotpoint established a joint venture with US competitor General Electric, and formed the Hotpoint Electric Appliance Company Limited (HEAC). This was an attempt to market GE branded goods in the UK.

As if their partnership weren't confusing enough, the HEAC joined the Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) group and became a part of The General Electric Company. Also known as the GEC group but not to be confused with General Electric.

The Hotpoint brand continued as a subsidiary of GEC until 1989. It was soon merged into a new division of GEC called General Domestic Appliances (GDA). 50% of which was owned by General Electric.

Since that time, GE has moved away from the Hotpoint brand and converged all of their dishwashers under the General Electric brand.

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