GE Profile PDWT500R Dishwasher Review

A Fully Integrated, Stainless Steel Dishwasher with a Built In Look!

Overall: The GE Profile PDWT500R is a fully integrated, stainless steel dishwasher that has 8 wash cycles with 6 different options.

It has modern controls that allow you to specify your wash cycles. This not only maximizes the quality of your wash cycles, but also makes for an extremely efficient unit.

The PureClean 5 Stage Filtration System maximizes the 6 gallons of wash water making sure you dishes come out spotless.

GE Profile PDWT500R Dishwasher Notable Features

This GE Profile dishwasher has a number of special features that make it well worth the cost.

  • Single Rack Wash Cycle: If you just need to run a quick load of glassware, the Single Rack Wash Cycle comes in very handy.

  • Stainless Steel Exterior: This has one of the sleekest stainless steel exteriors we've seen in this class. It's resistant to finger prints which is perfect if you have small, messy children (or a small messy husband for that matter).

  • Angled Rack Drying System: This system allows you to put your dishware at an angle minimizing drying time, but maximizing results.

  • DeepClean Cycle and Pre-Steam Wash: The pre-steam wash loosens tough baked on foods and the Deep Clean Cycle finishes the job by scouring your dishes and scraping away any remaining debris.

  • SmartDispense Technology: Exclusive to GE, the SmartDispense system holds up to 47oz. of liquid detergent and dispenses it as necessary. If you hate getting detergent all over your hands and the inside of the dishwasher door, you'll quickly learn to love this feature.

  • BrilliantClean Towerless Wash System: The wash tower in most dishwashers takes up a huge amount of interior space. Such is not the case with this intelligently designed GE Profile model.

Available Colors: Black, White, Panel Ready (for a customized look) and Stainless Steel as pictured above.

MSRP: Approximately $1499.99, but as you can see below, it can be found for much less online.

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