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The GE Nautilus Dishwasher line was one of the most popular of the GE appliance lines. Knowing this we're surprised to say that it has been officially discontinued.

They were very inexpensive, had a long life span and had enough features that they were a popular choice among most consumers.

If you have ever been an apartment dweller, chances are you've come across a Nautilus Dishwasher. They are in many large apartment complexes because they are inexpensive to maintain and exceptionally durable.

GE Nautilus Dishwasher Unique Features

For such affordable units, GE certainly loaded them up with a number of quality features which explained their vast popularity.

  1. Trimless Door Design: This unique design gives the Nautilus models a sleek, classic panel for an instant built-in look.

  2. PowerScrub™ Wash System: Utilizing Two Wash Arms, the PowerScrub system gives these units powerful cleaning ability.

  3. HotStart™ Option: The HotStart Option allows you to preheat the water before the main wash cycle for dependable, quality cleaning every time.

  4. Piranha™ Hard Food Disposer: A powerful disposal grinds larger food bits into smaller particles preventing clogs.

  5. QuietPower™ I Sound Package: Each Nautilus dishwasher is wrapped in a blanket of Thinstall™ insulation. This along with the GE QuietPower™ motor and sealed toe kick reduce noise while the unit is working giving you a much more peaceful kitchen.

Is it Worth Buying a Discontinued Dishwasher?

Usually your biggest concern when considering a dishwasher (or any appliance) that has been discontinued is:

  • Will there be parts available should my unit break down?

  • If there are parts available, is there anyone out there who is legitimately qualified to fix it?

The good news here is that because of the popularity of the GE Nautilus line, chances are there are a number of technicians and repairmen out there who know these units well.

Also, with a brand like General Electric, their parts for discontinued lines are usually available for many YEARS beyond the official decision to no longer manufacture a particular model.

GE has one of the best customer service reputations in the appliance realm, so you'll never be out in the cold.

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