GE Dishwasher Models

A Wide Variety of Styles and Choices from GE Dishwashers

Looking for a GE Dishwasher? The GE models have some of the most innovative technology available. GE also provides models in a wide variety of styles and price points so no matter what your budget or taste, you should be able to find a GE Dishwasher that fits your needs.

GE Profile Dishwashers are probably the most well known from the GE line. With a number of features that are unique to GE, they are definitely worth considering.

GE Dishwasher Brands

There are a number of different brands of GE Dishwashers to consider. Depending on your budget and style needs will determine which of the GE brands is right for you.

  • GE Adora Dishwashers: The GE Adora Dishwashers are the most affordable in the GE appliance line. Although this line is no longer in production, there are still models available in some retail outlets as well as online. Definitely one to consider if budget is a major issue.

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  • GE Profile Dishwasher: The GE Profile line of dishwashers is currently one of GE's most popular lines. Not only does the GE Profile line MATCH style wise, it has one of the longest list of available features. Definitely a brand worth considering.

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  • GE Monogram: The GE Monogram line is a bit higher end, but like the Profile line, there are a number of other appliances that match together giving your kitchen a beautiful, consistent style. The GE Monogram line is one of the best rated lines among GE appliances and worth considering.

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  • GE Nautilus: The GE Nautilus Dishwasher was discontinued not too long ago. But even though GE is no longer manufacturing this product line, it was one of the most durable and affordable in the GE lineup.

  • GE: The General Electric brand is also still a worthwhile brand all on its on.

    With a long list of features and high quality workmanship, the flagship brand for GE is not only affordable, it's loaded with unique features that sets the line apart in a crowded marketplace.

GE Dishwasher Styles

You may not be aware that there are actually a wide variety of style choices available in the GE line of dishwashers. Read about each one below to help you make your choice.

  1. Custom Panel: With help from your local cabinet maker, you can make customized panels that fit over the front of your dishwasher so it literally blends in seamlessly with your existing cabinetry.

  2. Hidden Top Controls: Hate the look of a giant control panel on the face of your dishwasher? Good news as GE has a number of models that feature all of the control buttons in a top panel that is hidden when the door is closed.

  3. Contoured Door: With a "gentle bowed" door, these boldly designed dishwashers add a statement to any kitchen's decor.

  4. The Restaurant Inspired Line: The dishwashers with this look have a slick, professional look that blends in. Although there's a commercial feel to their design, it feels slick and modern.

  5. Front Controls: These tend to be some of the most affordable models in the GE line. The controls are on the front face of the dishwasher rather than hidden away in the top panel.

GE Unique Features

GE Dishwashers have a number of unique features that help them to stand out above the rest.
  1. Stainless Steel Interior: Although not available on all models, there are a number that have a stainless steel interior which removes any possibility of rust corrosion and gives the unit a very lustrous finish.

  2. Smart Dispense System: The Smart Dispense system allows you to pour up to 47 oz of dishwashing liquid into the unit and the machine will automatically dispense the proper amount of soap for each load. There is an LED light which indicates when there is less than 7 loads-worth of soap remaining in the reservoir.

  3. GE Dishwashers Mean QUIET!: GE offers up models from 64dBA to 47dBA (dBA - Decibels of Audio -- to give you an idea of how loud/soft this range is, a typical conversation is around 60dBA while a whisper is just 15dBA).

  4. Anti-Bacterial Cycle: There are a number of GE models that have an Anti-bacterial cycle which helps to sanitize your dishes. With food borne illnesses a contributing factor to all sorts of ailments, this is certainly one feature worth having.

GE Repair and Reliability

Although GE doesn't exactly top the charts with its repair reliability, it certainly doesn't come anywhere near the bottom. According to, during a survey of more than 100,000+ readers done over the course of 2005-2009, there were approximately 11% of GE owners who responded having some sort of problem with their dishwasher during it's lifetime.

Considering that many brands were 13% or higher (up to 23% in one case), GE comes out looking pretty good.

Regardless, GE has made great strides over the past few years to really make sure the product they sell is the very best quality available on the market. And considering how affordable most of the models in the GE line can be, it is definitely a brand worth considering.

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