GE Adora Dishwasher

One of the More Affordable GE Dishwashers

The GE Adora Dishwasher is definitely one of the more affordable dishwashers in the GE appliance line. Unfortunately, it is no longer being manufactured, but there are still new models available in some retail stores as well as online.

The good news is that discontinued models like these tend to be discounted even further. Meaning, you can get a NEW dishwasher typically valued at $500-$600 for sometimes as much as half off.

Unique Features of the GE Adora Dishwasher

Although there aren't a LOT of bells and whistles on the GE Adora line of dishwashers, there are at least a few worth mentioning.

  1. Tall Tubs: The tall interior tubs of the Adora Dishwashers allow you to maximize your loads by allowing you fill the unit with as many dishes as necessary.

  2. Dual Wash Arms: The dual wash arm technology allows a more thorough cleaning as the top wash arm focuses attention on the items on the top rack.

  3. Electronic Control Panel: Rather than a dial, these units feature a 9 button electronic control panel that allows you to specify the TYPE and DURATION of each load. This saves both time and money (via energy and water savings).

  4. Energy Star Rated: As of 2010, these models still adhered to the guidelines set in the Energy Star Ratings guide. Which means that they use 15% less energy than the government requires.

    • Tip: Energy Star Ratings change a bit from year to year, so if the Adora Dishwasher is something you're considering, you may want to double check to make sure it is still within acceptable guidelines at the time of your purchase.

GE Adora Dishwashers Consumer Reviews

In studying the wide variety of GE Adora Consumer Reviews available on the net, you should be aware that we've found that there are a number of less favorable comments.

Typical Complaints:

  • Poor Wash Quality: A number of people mentioned that they were dis-satisfied with the quality of the wash cycle. Dishes were not as clean as would be expected. However, most of those who mentioned this complaint were willing to admit that the problem might not be relegated to the dishwasher, and might be affected by some other factor (e.g., water temperature, detergent choice, etc.)

  • Poor Drying Cycle: Again, this particular model scores poorly when it comes to the drying cycle. It was either limited in it's ability or lacking altogether.

Typical Compliments:

  • Low Volume Wash Cycle: Many praised the GE Adora for it's low decibel working volume.

    Very Quiet Dishwasher: A number of people said they couldn't even tell the machine was running!

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