Dishwasher Ratings

Helping You Find the Best Diswasher for You

Dishwasher Ratings can be an extremely reliable way of determining which dishwasher will best suit your needs without having to see every model you might consider in person.

Though before you purchase your next dishwasher, you will definitely want to do at least a bit of research. Most people keep their dishwashers for an extended period of time and you want to have one that you really do like.

The Dishwasher Ratings System We Employ

We have our own dishwasher rating system which is based on a five star point system. Five obviously is the best, where a model with zero or NO stars would be one we'd highly recommend avoiding.

Some of the highest rated models are from brands you might not expect. Miele a German brand and Bosch are two examples of brands that might not first come to mind, but that consistently score well.

That's not to say that brands like GE, Amana, or Whirlpool don't rate well -- not surprisingly all three brands have some of the highest rated dishwasher models in both overall value and quality.

The 5 Most Important Dishwasher Ratings Areas

When we sift through the various dishwasher models available, the five areas that we consider to be crucial are as follows:

  1. Durability: You want to make sure your dishwasher stands up to both the workload as well as the test of time. An average life span is about 8-10 years.

  2. Styling: This is one aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to most dishwashers, but really should be taken into account. Styling of the front of the dishwasher should be conducive and complimentary to the rest of your kitchen -- and not an eyesore.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Aside from your Refrigerator, your dishwasher is the biggest energy draining appliance you own. So, you want to be sure it's not only efficient with energy usage, but also with how much WATER it utilizes per wash load.

  4. Functionality: The big thing with functionality is making sure that the features the manufacturers add to the dishwasher actually solve a problem, not create one. It's important to determine that no matter which model you choose that the features that are included are ones you desire and will make the unit better overall.

  5. Overall: Speaking of Overall, we take everything mentioned above into consideration as well as overall consumer sentiment about a particular brand or model to help us determine our dishwasher ratings.

Our site is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive list of the best rated dishwashers we can find. We hope we can provide you with the most accurate assessment of which dishwasher models you should consider, and which you should avoid.

How to Find the Best Dishwasher: 4 Questions to Ask

Before you begin to shop for a new dishwasher, you'll want to consider these 4 questions:

  1. What your is budget? -- How much can you realistically spend? With the average dishwasher ranging from $600-$800 are you better off spending more rather than less on a higher quality model?

  2. What type of dishwasher will best suit your family's needs?: Take into account the size of your family as well as how often you eat in. What type of workload will you put it through and how much INTERIOR SPACE do you need? Is the interior tub LARGE enough to accommodate a large load should the need arise?

  3. What type of styling best matches your existing decor?: Dishwashers have come a long way with regard to taking style into consideration. You may choose a stainless steel model, or one with a customizable front panel, or a hidden control panel. Just know, your options are fairly substantial with regard to styling choices.

  4. What features are MUST HAVES?: What features will you regret not having? A large wash tub? Hidden control panel? Multiple wash settings? Try to determine which features you CAN'T live without while at the same time, avoid being lulled into buying a high end unit with a number of bells and whistles that you'll NEVER use.

The answers to these questions will help you start the process in determining which will be the right dishwasher model for you. Because once you have some idea of where you stand, you can now start to sort through the ratings of different brands and then narrow it down to your particular model.

At, we have tried to create a compilation of some of the best dishwasher brands out there as well as provide you with our opinion on which is the brand that will best suit your needs.

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