Bosch SHX65P06UC Integra 500 Series

Bosch Dishwasher Review

Overall: The Bosch SHX65P06UC is part of the Bosch Integra 500 series. The 500 Series is a bit on the higher end of the scale when it comes to price, but Bosch does a great job of making sure it's money well spent.

One of the best qualities of this dishwasher is it's quiet operation. No, make that virtually SILENT operation. It's what sets Bosch apart from its competitors. Though you'll never hear it coming.

Bosch Integra 500 Series SHX65P06UC Special Features

  1. Many Different Cycles: The Bosch SHX65P06UC has 6 different wash cycles with 3 different options which adds to the energy saving features of this unique line of dishwashers.

  2. Antibacterial:The Sanitizing Option reduces bacteria by up to 99.9% and improves your drying results. Also, the OptiDry system prevents spots on all your glassware.

  3. Safe Heating: The Integra 500 series also have a Concealed Heating Element which will keep any plastic items that find their way to the bottom of the dishwasher from melting.

  4. Easy to Read: The 500 Series runs so quietly, that there is an InfoLight that beams on the floor which tells you the unit is still running. Additionally, there's an end of cycle sound (which can be shut off) that will let you know when the wash cycle has ended.

Bosch SHX65P06UC Dishwasher Pros:

  • Energy Saver: The Integra 500 Series are known for their energy savings. The EcoSense technology provides up to 20% energy savings when compared to most standard dishwashers. Also, with a 19 Hour Time Delay option, you have the ability to start the cycle during the most optimal energy periods (e.g., late at night).

  • Quiet Operation: While a typical dishwasher operates at a decibel level of 54 or higher, this unit comes in at a very quiet 47dBA. You can not only have a conversation standing right next to the unit, but because it's so quiet you might have to lean in to double check to make sure it's actually running!

  • Stainless Steel Interior Wash Tub: Plastic warps, rusts (well, IT doesn't rust, but doesn't protect steel components near it that might) and simply doesn't have the durability of the stainless steel wash tubs in every Integra 500 Series dishwasher.

  • RackMatic Adjustable Rack System: All Integra 500 Series have the RackMatic adjustable rack system. This little feature allows you to raise or lower the height of the top rack to accommodate for large or unusually shaped dishes and bake ware.

Bosch SHX65P06UC Dishwasher Cons:

  • Price: Our biggest complaint about this particular unit is the price. However, that's quickly becoming a non-issue with these models as the price is going down every month they're out.

Available Colors: These units are available in BLACK (as pictured above), STAINLESS STEEL and WHITE. (Click on either of the last two colors to see the exact unit.)

MSRP: Approximately $1059.99. But if you shop online, you can find these units as low as $881.00.

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