Bosch SHX65P02UC Integra 500 Series Dishwasher Review

Bosch Dishwasher Review

Overall: The Bosch SHX65P02UC is part of the Bosch Integra 500 series. The 500 Series is a bit more expensive than a typical dishwasher should be, but then again, these are very high quality units.

Bosch is known for its quiet operation and this unit definitely delivers in that arena, so if quiet is what you're after, you'll find it here.

Keep on reading down to find out the reasons why this dishwasher is considered one of Bosch's best.

Special Features

  1. Many Washing Options: The Bosch SHX65P02UC has 6 different wash cycles with 3 different options which help save energy by allowing you to use the wash cycle that best suits the load you're washing.

  2. Easy to Read: Seems a bit goofy, but one of our favorite features of this dishwasher is the InfoLight which beams on the floor to let you know the dishwasher is still running. May not seem all that important, but when you have a dishwasher as quiet as the SHX65P02UC, you'll soon appreciate this unique feature.

  3. No Burnt Tupperware: The Concealed Heating Element may not seem like a big deal, but if you've ever had a piece of Tupperware fly out of the rack and end up melting in the bottom, you'll agree a concealed heating element is a valuable feature.

  4. Easy Loading: The 500 Series Racks and baskets are much better designed than other Bosch lines (e.g., the cheaper Ascenta line). Allowing you flexibility in every load.


  • Energy Saver: This unit has EcoSense which is an intuitive energy saver saving you up to 20% more than a typical dishwasher. Also, with the Half Load options and 30 minute QuickWash cycles, you have the ability to manage your energy consumption even further.

  • Quiet Operation: Again, Bosch is tops when it comes to quiet operation. With a typical dishwasher operating at a decibel level of 54 or higher, this unit comes in at a very quiet 47dBA.

  • Stainless Steel: Compared to dishwashers that have plastic interiors, the Bosch units all have stainless steel wash tubs which will provide years of stain free, pain free and rust free use.

  • RackMatic Adjustable Rack System: The RackMatic adjustable rack system allows you to raise or lower the height of the top rack to help accommodate for large or unusually shaped dishes and bakeware.

  • 19 Hour Delay Timer: Most dishwashers allow for just 3,6 or 9 hour delays, whereas this unit can be programmed to start up to 19 hours later allowing you to optimize your energy savings by running your dishwasher in hours where energy consumption is at its lowest (e.g., late at night).


  • Price: Our biggest complaint about this particular unit is the price. However, that's quickly becoming a non-issue with these models as the price is going down every month they're out.

Colors: These units are available in BLACK, STAINLESS STEEL and WHITE (as pictured above).

MSRP: Approximately $1049.99.

  • Tip: As mentioned above, we're finding that these units are being drastically reduced.

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