Bosch SHX5AL05UC Integra Ascenta DLX

Bosch Dishwasher Review

Overall: The Bosch SHX5AL05UC is part of the Bosch Integra Ascenta Integra DLX series. The Ascenta line of dishwashers, you still get the outstanding quality and performance of a Bosch dishwasher, but without the high price.

Bosch's stainless steel wash tubs offer both durability and efficiency. Considering most dishwashers in this price range have a plastic wash tub interior, you'll get more for your money in the long run with Bosch.

Special Features:

  1. Many Cycles: The Bosch SHX5AL05UC has 5 different wash cycles with 2 different options which help give you more targeted wash sessions that not only save time, but energy as well.

  2. Quick Wash: One of our favorite features in this unit is the 30 minute Quick Wash feature which allows you to do small loads or quick rinses of dishes that don't necessarily need a 60 minute scrubbing.

  3. Auto Clean>: The Auto Clean Cycle senses the optimal temperature for each wash as well the number of rinse cycles that are appropriate for the load.

  4. No Spots: Lastly, we love Bosch's exclusive Opti-Dry Condensation Drying System which gives you spot free results. (No need to rely on Cascade or Jet Dry!)


  • Capacity: This unit can hold up to 14 place settings which is more than ample for a typical four person family and limits the number of loads you need to do in a given week.

  • Quiet Operation: While the Bosch 500 series is one of the best when it comes to noiseless operation, this unit runs at 53dBA which is virtually silent.

  • Stainless Steel: As mentioned above, a stainless steel interior will provide you years of rust free and stain free service.

  • Fully Integrated Control Panel: The hidden control panel on the top of the front door provides a sleek, modern look that will add to any existing kitchen decor.


  • Lack of Intuitive Controls: As modern as this dishwasher is, there is a surprising lack of intuitive controls.

  • Rack Layout The racks are durable and easy to manage, but our criticism here is that the layout is perfect if you're just washing dishes. However, if you need to wash more large items (like pots and pans or casserole dishes), the racks aren't as adjustable as they should be.

MSRP: Approximately $749.99.

  • Tip: Shop around as we've found these units for less than $550.00 at most online retailers. Also, be on the lookout for special rebates (mail in and instant) that can help save you even more.

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