Bosch SHX45P0 Integra 500 Series Titanium Dishwasher Review

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Overall: The Bosch SHX45P0 is part of the Bosch Integra 500 series. This is one of the more unique units in this line as it has a Titanium front. So, if you're in the market for something OTHER than Stainless Steel, this might be the unit you've been looking for!

Just like all the other models in the Integra 500 series, QUIET operation is the name of the game. With a decibel level of just about 47dBA, it's quieter than most conversations.

Bosch SHX45P0 Integra 500 Series Special Features

The Bosch SHX45P0 has only 4 different wash cycles with 2 different options unlike the 6 cycles of many of the other Integra 500 models. That said, you still have enough ways to customize your wash cycle to help you optimize your energy usage.

  • The RackMatic feature of the Integra 500 dishwashers makes this worth the extra money. It allows you (with the turn of a crank) to raise or lower the upper rack to accommodate for large or unusually shaped dishes. A very nice feature when you don't want to scrub the pot roast pan or Grandma's giant soup pot.

    Bosch SHX45P0 Front
  • The AquaStop Leak Protection feature is extremely valuable. This little feature automatically shuts down the wash cycle if it senses any type of leak outside of the washtub. This could be from malfunction, or something keeping the door from closing properly.

  • The Flow Through water heater maximizes the energy usage and keeps the water extremely hot throughout the duration of the wash. Using minimal water and heating energy saves you money.


  1. Multi-Function LED: The multi-function LED allows you to see how much time is remaining in the wash cycle. At first this feature may not seem all that important, but when you don't want to leave the house with your dishwasher running, it's always good to know exactly how much time is left.

  2. Extra Tall Sprinkler: The extra tall sprinkler manages to clean items as tall as 22". Many similarly priced models simply can't touch this.

  3. Stainless Steel: Bosch is known for their stainless steel washtubs which won't stain, rust or break down unlike those made of plastic.

  4. Flexible Silverware Basket: The silverware basket can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of silverware needs. From large serving utensils to your every day forks, knives and spoons, you can manipulate the basket in any way you need.

  5. 19 Hour Delay Timer: A 19 hour timer allows you to minimize your energy consumption by scheduling your wash sessions during the off-peak hours. You set it and forget it.


  • Price: The Integra 500 Series is a bit more expensive than models with similar feature sets. However, the SHX45P0 is still above average, but more adequately priced than other models in the Integra 500 line.

Colors: These units are also available in BLACK, STAINLESS STEEL, WHITE and TITANIUM(as pictured above).

MSRP: Approximately $909.99. But with certain incentives, we've seen this unit for $699.00!

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