Bosch SHE43P05UC Energy Star Dishwasher Review

Bosch Dishwasher: Quality at an Affordable Price

Overall: The Bosch SHE43P05UC is part of the Bosch Evolution Dishwasher series. The Evolution line by Bosch is one of the most revered dishwasher lines. Known for it's high quality, sleek appearance and the quietest operation in the industry.

Bosch's stainless steel wash tubs offer both durability and efficiency. Bosch was one of the first companies to consider stainless for the interior which not only makes this one of the more durable dishwasher lines available, but also one of the most maintenance free.

Special Features:

  1. Many Choices: The Bosch SHE43P05UC has 4 different wash cycles with 2 different options which gives you enough variance to maximize both the wash cycle and your time as you can specify the type and amount of dishes you're washing.

  2. Energy Efficient: This is an Energy Star rated dishwasher which means it operates with up to 20% LESS energy then the government requires. Bosch uses their exclusive Eco-Sense technology to monitor the effectiveness of each wash cycle.

  3. Leak Protection: Bosch is also known for it's great leak protection. Unfortunately, leaks are a big problem for a number of dishwasher lines, but Bosch is not only protected on the interior, but also the exterior to make sure that even if there are any issues with leaks, the damage will be relatively minor.

  4. Child Lock: This unit offers a child-lock feature which prevents accidental openings which could cause cycle changes which would negatively affect the quality of the overall wash.


  • Capacity: The SHE43P05UC can hold up to 14 place settings which is more than ample for a typical four person family.

  • Quiet Operation: The Evolution Series is one of the quietest lines available anywhere. At a decibel level of just 50dBA, it's virtually silent.

  • Stainless Steel: Bosch's exclusive stainless steel interior tubs will provide you years of rust free and stain free service.

  • Adjustable Racks The upper rack can be adjusted which allows you to raise and lower the top rack to accommodate large or unusually shaped dishware.


  • No Integrated Front Panel: For the price, the styling of this particular unit is hampered a little by the front panel display. If you don't mind the look of the front controls, you can save money versus similar units in the Evolution line.

  • Flow-Through Water Heater: This isn't really a CON per se, because the Flow Through Water Heater system is great, but if your water pressure is lacking, the effectiveness of the water heater could be a bit hampered.

MSRP: Approximately $849.99.

  • Tip: Don't pay retail for this item -- we've seen it as low as $649.00 at many online retailers.

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