Best Rated Dishwashers

Take a Look Some of the Best Dishwashers on the Market

Some of the Best Rated Dishwashers come from brands you might not expect. There are dozens of models worth considering across a wide range of price points.

When choosing the dishwasher that's best for your, there are a number of factors to consider. You'll need to start by determining your budget. Then consider not only the options you want, but especially those you really need. The volume level (of the machine while it's in operation), the energy efficiency and cycle time are all other factors to consider.

Determining The Best Rated Dishwashers

Paying a ton of money for a high end dishwasher with hidden controls, digital displays, and customizable cycles might seem like a necessity, but for as little as $500 you can get an effective dishwasher that will serve you for years to come.

High End features can be found on many low-priced models. That's why doing your research is always a good thing before buying. Take a look at the dishwasher to the right, it's very inexpensive and still looks great.

In doing all of your research there will be more than a few things to consider before choosing. Here's our list of what you'll need to seriously think about before buying.

  1. What Size Do I Need?

  2. When it comes to dishwashers, um... size matters. Conventional dishwashers are made to fit into a 24-inch-wide space under the counter. If you don't have this type of space available, you might want to consider a Portable Dishwasher or an 18" Dishwasher Model. (We've included a picture of an 18 inch model on the right to show you what they look like.)

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  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Something to keep in mind is the face that dishwasher manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to use less and less water per dishwasher cycle. What that means is, that even though less WATER is used, the cycles are typically longer which ultimately leads to more energy usage.

    You need to take this into consideration when you make your choice. Because this can dramatically alter the efficiency of the dishwasher. The yellow tag that estimates your annual usage cost might be greatly inaccurate if you wash a lot of greased on, baked on foods. Something to keep in mind.

    (Take a look at the dishwasher on the right to see an example of an Energy Star rated dishwasher.

  5. What Should I Look For When Buying a Dishwasher?
  6. There are five specific elements to take into consideration when looking for a dishwasher that suits your needs:

    • Available Features
    • Durability
    • Price
    • Cleaning Quality
    • Functionality
    • Styling

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