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Using Dishwasher Reviews to Find the Best Rated Dishwasher Available

To help you find the Best Dishwasher available, there are several factors which can make a dishwasher more attractive.

The most important factors include price, cleaning power, energy and water consumption, noise levels and how easy it is to load.

Narrowing down which dishwasher is best for you starts with an overall comparison and being able to figure out your needs to determine precisely what model you require.

Best Dishwasher: 4 Questions to Consider

Finding the best dishwasher for your needs depends on at least the four answers below. Make sure you answer all of them.

  1. Price: Although price is a vital factor in determining the overall value of a dishwasher, a low price does not always guarantee that you are getting the best value for your money.

    How well a dishwasher cleans, how easy it is to load, what it's durability is are all things that can make a higher priced unit a better overall value.

  2. Durability: Like any major appliance, you need to be thinking a bit more long term. Yes, you might find a dishwasher that looks great for a few hundred bucks. But that doesn't mean that it's the best dishwasher for you.

    You must take into consideration the cost of repair of a faulty, poorly made unit over that of a unit that might have a higher initial cost, but over the duration of its life might give you years of uninterrupted service.

  3. Energy & Water Consumption: Although dishwashers have made great strides in the amount of water and energy they consumer for a typical load, this is still a factor you must take into consideration when looking to find which is the best dishwasher for you.

    Choose units that have an Energy Star rating. These units use at least 41% LESS energy than the federal minimum standard for energy consumption (Source: That's ultimately a HUGE savings for you.

  4. Capacity: Take into consideration the overall size of your family. How often will you be running the machine? How much internal space do you need for your dishware? Are you planning on just washing your dishes and silverware or do you hope to be able to fit casserole, baking dishes and other cookware into the unit?

Other Factors to Consider

Another way to determine which is the best choice for your needs is to look at the various consumer reviews on each dishwasher model. This will give you "real world" information which will show the 'real' value and the 'real life performance' of a particular dishwasher.

Keep in mind however, that just because ONE person had a bad experience with a particular brand or model that it doesn't necessarily mean you will have the same bad luck. Often times, people are inclined to bad-mouth a particular brand if they're experience is anything less than stellar.

Look for patterns in the reviews -- meaning that if a number of people complain about the same problems (e.g., poor rinse cycles, noise level, cleaning quality, etc.), then you are a bit more likely to experience some of the same issues.

Best Choices Based on Features

Best Choice Based on Price and Value

Best Choice based on Consumer Reviews

Choosing the best dishwasher for your needs can hopefully be a bit easier now that we've helped to narrow the field.

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