Asko Dishwasher

Asko Appliances Offer Unique Design & Functionality

The Asko Dishwasher has been a favorite among Scandinavians for years. But now millions of people from all over the world have household appliances from Asko.

Asko appliances are high quality, durable units with a unique Scandinavian design and innovative solutions. The Asko line of kitchen appliances meet and often exceed their customer's expectations.

One of the unique pluses about Asko is their commitment to environmental protection. They continuously strive to find the most environmentally friendly solutions while at the same time finding economical use of natural resources.

Their machines are among the most water and energy efficient on the market.

Asko Dishwashers: Unique Features

There are more than a few things that make Asko appliances worth looking at. We've included a list of some of the main reasons why you might want to consider this brand for your next dishwasher.

  • Design: Asko has one of the more unique approaches to designing and marketing their dishwasher units. They not only take functionality and durability into consideration, but they also think about design. If you're looking for a dishwasher brand that will work with almost any kitchen design (from formal to contemporary) Asko may the brand for you. With their next generation designs, they are leading many other brands in the dust when it comes to overall look and appeal.

  • Largest Loading Height: Asko dishwashers have the world's largest loading height which allows you to do more dishes with fewer loads. This not only saves water and energy, but time as well.

  • Four Level Rack System: One unique feature that no one else can lay claim to is Asko's new Flexible Four Level Rack System that has up to 7 baskets. Especially with their new XXL and XL dishwashers, these new systems allow you to wash larger loads and more place settings than ever before.

  • Encore Dishwashers: Unique to Asko is their line of Encore Dishwashers which allow you to machine wash normally 'hand wash' items like crystal and large pots. The unique racks and wash cycles have been redesigned to accommodate items that you couldn't normally wash in a standard dishwasher.

More About Asko

Asko appliances have their origin in Sweden. The company has a huge team of designers, constructors, engineers, marketers, assemblers and service technicians who all work together to achieve exceptional results.

Just over 80 percent of the appliances they make are exported. Asko Appliances also have more than 20 independent retailers all over the world.

ASKO is part of the Antonio Merloni Group, one of Europe’s largest white goods appliance manufacturers. Merloni owns more than 10 factories located in Italy and Scandinavia.

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