AGA Appliances

The Luxury Dishwasher Brand

Aga Appliances are usually associated with the best in fine living. AGA is known by most people as a British company, but it was actually founded in Sweden.

AGA was founded by Dr Gustav Dalén, a blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist who designed a modern cooker that didn't need tending to.

It's iconic design elements are still popular even today. In fact, (quoting from "the BBC published a retrospective of the 20th Century highlighting what it considered to be the top three design icons: first was the Coca-Cola® contour bottle, second was the VW™ Bug and third was the Aga cooker."

AGA Dishwashers Unique Features

AGA Dishwashers have some of the most unique dishwasher designs available. They are the perfect addition to high end kitchens especially if you're looking for something that feels different and performs at a level that is unheard of by competitors.

AGA dishwashers are a bit harder to find in the United States. Aga Dishwasher models can be found online, or in home specialty stores, but rarely in big box retailers such as Best Buy.

Aga dishwashers cater toward the higher end of the market place. With a retail price tag in the neighborhood of $2,200.00 for either the Aga Legacy models or the Aga Pro Plus, these high end, exceptional appliances are only for those who demand the very best.

A Few AGA Dishwashers

Here are a few models to show you the high quality of these dishwashers as well as how much they typically sell for:

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